Mother Sends Scathing Letter To A Bunch Of Bros Who Ruined Her Family’s Spring Break By Party Rocking

by 4 years ago

A couple readers of ours spent their spring break at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. Seems to me like a real good place to go for a spring break. Rocking, I bet.

And I know that anywhere in North America near an ocean with a warm climate is not an appropriate place to take a family in the month of March. Go to Yosemite, go to the Grand Canyon. Just don’t take your small children anywhere near where college kids go when their school is out of session.

All parents should know that, but one mom didn’t. She took her family to the Atlantis, and after a week of dealing with partying, wrote our readers this SCATHING letter.


A Mom

It reads:

You selfish, spoiled assholes,
Thank you for ruining our vacation with your thoughtless, self-centered, late night bullshit. Our children lost sleep and spent the days suffering our exhausted, cranky tempers because of you. You won’t care, because you think of no one but yourselves so … I hope you will enjoy the surprise arranged for you. It should help to make your hard-earned visit here as memorable as ours. Sleep well! You fucking bastards.

Your friends down the hall.

“Sleep well, you fucking bastards.” Burn.

According to our reader, the surprise was an empty threat. And I’m sure these guys were drunk and hooting and hollering and loud, but still. Don’t take your kids somewhere like that. That’s on you, mom.

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