This Texas College Is Rejecting Applicants From Africa Because It Doesn’t Want To Get Ebola All Over Its Campus

It’s one thing to be selective about your students when you’re an Ivy League school like Harvard or Princeton, but a Texas community college? Come on. You’re based in a state chock full of hicks, you should be happy any of your prospective students can even read the application let alone fill it out. It looks like possessing basic reading skills isn’t selective enough for Navarro College however, seeing as how they are now denying admission to any international students from countries with confirmed Ebola cases.


For obvious reasons this isn’t the greatest look for Navarro. Texas also has a confirmed Ebola case, so with their current logic shouldn’t they be declining admission to any applicants from Texas as well? Durr, consistency here guys. Seeing that this was becoming a potential shitstorm, Navarro posted this statement to their website:

Our college values its diverse population of international students. This fall we have almost 100 students from Africa. Unfortunately, some students received incorrect information regarding their applications to the institution. As part of our new honor’s program, the college restructured the international department to include focused recruitment from certain countries each year. Our focus for 2014-15 is on China and Indonesia. Other countries will be identified and recruitment efforts put in place once we launch our new honors program fall 2015. We apologize for any misinformation that may have been shared with students. Additional information regarding our progress with this new initiative will be posted on our website.

Translation: you still can’t sit with us, gtfo.

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