How Badly Do You Want To Marry This Notre Dame Girl Who Shotgunned A Beer On TV After ND Scored A Lacrosse Goal?


Watch the bottom left of this clip from yesterday’s Notre Dame vs. Denver lacrosse game. It is perfect. A++ wife material right here. She casually shotguns a beer the moment Notre Dame scores their 7th goal of the game. Just check out the enthusiasm from the reader who sent it to us:

This shit is classic, Absolute savage girl in the fan section for Notre Dame was sitting down shotgunning a beer after they scored their 7th goal. She completely slammed it on the ground after like a true beauty. I was absolutely blown away when i saw this shit.

A couple observations: While all her gal pals are going nuts, she’s keeping it casual. Hell, she barely even flinches. Just one fluid gesture slamming a beer to the face. She was prepared cause she’s a gd pro.

I had a heart palpitation when she slammed that empty on the ground. That feeling is what love feels like, Bros.