University Of Oklahoma Expels 2 Students Who Played ‘Leadership’ Roles In Racist Fraternity Chant


The University of Oklahoma has expelled two members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon for their role in the racist chant video that went viral and pissed off every decent person who viewed it.

University president David Boren released a statement announcing the decision and further denounced the actions.


The university has previously severed ties with the fraternity, telling them to pack their bags and leave the house.

As disgusting as the footage was, it’s refreshing to see the swift and decisive action taken by the university and the nation at large.

It’s important to remember that while abhorrent behavior gets the headlines, the good far outweighs the bad. It’s also perhaps too optimistic to think this will be a teachable moment but it damn well should be.

It would be great to see this type of nonsense stop, for there to not be a next time.

[H/T: CNN]