Penn State Fraternity That Got In Trouble For Taking Nude Photos Of Passed-Out Chicks Got The Lamest Punishment Ever

You all remember Kappa Delta Rho, right? They were the Penn State fraternity that recently got in trouble for having a “secret” Facebook page where they uploaded photos of passed-out naked chicks and then…jerked off to them, I guess? That’s my best guess. What else would you do with an entire page full of unconscious naked women? Obviously not report it to authorities. Oh no, don’t be silly! You keep that spank bank under wraps like the horrid little douchebag you are and then do your best to peep at it while sitting in the back of lecture so no one else sees what you’re doing.

Or at least that’s what they used to do until they got caught. Bummer. And now as “punishment,” KDR will lose its official campus recognition until 2018. What does that mean for KDR, you ask?


No really, it means nothing. Basically it means that they can’t participate in official Penn State Greek life activities like homecoming, but they get to keep their chapter house since it’s privately owned. This means they still get to throw parties, go on away weekends, and basically do all the fraternity shit they were doing before but without any restrictions imposed by the university. So whereas other fraternities recognized by Penn State are required to have their rush process last no longer than, say, 5 weeks, KDR can have their rush last 5 months.

The major downside to not being recognized by campus/nationals is that anyone initiated into KDR doesn’t count as a real KDR, meaning their name doesn’t get included in the national roster of members. If you’re like many college kids though, you join a frat for parties and chicks, not for networking, which was my main reason for joining (English major struggles).

In other words, KDR can basically do whatever they want (within legal reason) without the University bitching at them for the next 3 years since they’re not a “real” frat anymore. Most fraternities gradually dissipate over time when a university kicks them off campus since not having a chapter house is a major part of the rush process (it’s a matter of visibility: are you more likely to join the frat with a house, or the one that only has a name?), but since KDR gets to keep theirs…this punishment is pointless.

[Note: this is how off-campus (aka “underground”) fraternities worked at U Maryland, at least. Maybe it’s different at Penn State…but probably not.]

[H/T Gawker]