Phi Delta Theta At Washburn University Suspended Over Texts About Having Sex With Minors

Phi Delta Theta at Washburn University has recently been suspended by their nationals after vulgar text messages sent between members of the chapter were discovered. According to the Topeka Capital-Journal, the messages were sent over a group texting app and included the following statements:

“Women are equal and deserve respect … just kidding they should (expletive).”

In another, someone writes: “Remember, women are objects.”

One message suggests a 12-year-old is old enough for sex.

“She’s 12. She’s a woman,” the message says. The next reply: “That’s my sister. If you want your balls left intact, I suggest you get that (expletive) out of your head.

While a suspension does not mean that the fraternity ceases to exist on Washburn’s campus, it does mean that the only activities the chapter is allowed to participate in are ones related directly to the university’s investigation towards what actually happened, if anything. According to Sean Wagner, associate executive vice president of Phi Delta Theta nationals, suspensions typically last between 7-21 days depending on how long the investigation lasts.

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