Video Of Police In Tuscaloosa Beating And Tasing Two College-Age Bros Allegedly Over A Noise Complaint Is Going Viral

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A few things to note about this video of police beating two college-age men that’s blowing up on Twitter…

1. We have no idea what’s going on here. The tweet above that indicates this was allegedly over a noise complaint, but it seems like there’s much more to the story.
2. No idea if police had a warrant to enter that home or if it was a life-threatening situation. If it was over a noise complaint, it’s hard to believe there was a warrant, though. Too early to say whether or not it was a Fourth Amendment violation, though, since we have no details.
3. He doesn’t look like he’s resisting.
4. Have to imagine this happened after the big ‘Bamas win against LSU at Bryant-Denny Stadium?

Update: Here’s another video from inside the apartment:


Stay-tuned. Imagine there will be a longer video of the incident and more details soon.

Regardless, yeeeesh.

UPDATE: The inevitable statement from the police department…


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