Police Seize 4,400 Beers from Canadian Student’s Apartment

Today is actually St. Patrick’s Day, giving college students another excuse to drink after a weekend of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. As you probably know, the traditional Irish holiday has been co-opted by any country with an Irish population and an eagerness to get drunk; this naturally includes Canada.

An “unofficial” student group at Wilfrid Laurier University was busted this weekend after officers seized 4,400 cans of beer from a Waterloo, Ontario home, on the grounds that it planned to sell the beer to students without a permit. The enterprising bros had planned to provide, through social media, their city with 4,400 “Cold Shots” (a brand I do not know, but apparently carries a 6% ABV). According to CP24, “The [police] say they are taking ‘a firm but fair approach’ to infractions during celebrations of the boozy Irish holiday.”

The value of the beer lost is $5,500. Meaning, once again, we are left with the eternal question: who gets the beer?

“It shouldn’t be that easy.”

[H/T: TFM]