Potential Bad Batch Of Molly Sends 11 Wesleyan Students To Hospital, Police Investigation Underway

Police in Connecticut are investigating how 11 students ended up in the hospital this weekend and it appears the culprit is a bad batch of Molly. Wesleyan University administration sent out a letter informing the campus of the scary developments.


A spokeswoman for the school confirmed that seven students were transported, including two by LifeStar, and another four walked into the hospital for treatment.

As of Monday morning, two students remain in critical condition and two more are in serious condition at Hartford Hospital.

“Initial indication in all of these cases is that the students took Molly (MDMA) last night,” Dean Michael Whaley, vice president of student affairs, wrote in a letter to the school community on Sunday. “Some of the students are in serious/critical condition.”

Ambulances transported students to the hospital from the Butterfield and Foss Hill dorms, as well as 200 High Street, Cross Street Fire Station Battalion Chief David Anderson told student newspaper The Wesleyan Argus. It’s unclear where the students hospitalized took the synthetic drugs.

A Wesleyan sophomore who is in critical condition was one of the first taken to Middlesex Hospital early Sunday morning due to an “apparent overdose,” Whaley wrote. The names of the students hospitalized have not been released and it’s unclear whether any charges will be filed.

Local police are actively searching for the source of the drug and urged students to check on their friends.

This is the latest in what has becoming a disturbing trend of Molly-related incidents. In 2013, musical festivals in New York City, Boston, Seattle, Miami and Washington DC were all sites of overdoses.

And who could forget this guy, who singlehandedly redefined the breadth of human capability.

Be careful out there, guys. It sucks to read about stuff like this.

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