Best Rutgers Student Takes LSD, Stabs Friend, Is Arrested With 15 Pounds Of Weed, 500 Xanax And Coke

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Who is the best Rutgers student?

I would presume you couldn’t even name a single Rutgers student, let alone enough to make an accurate assessment of who is best. My cousin went to Rutgers. He is, no offense to him, not the best.

May I humble submit to you Kevin Huang as the best Rutgers student?

He took LSD with his roommate, and wound up taking off all his clothes and stabbing him in the neck. You know. Shit happens. When police arrived, they found him naked and pacing. With a lot of drugs. A lot of drugs.

From NBC:

As officers secured Huang’s apartment and took him into custody, they allegedly saw large quantities of drugs and paraphernalia. A subsequent search uncovered about 15 pounds of marijuana, approximately 500 bars of Xanax, a significant amount of cocaine, other unidentified pills and crystals and a significant amount of cash.

Man, that is a lot of drugs. And that is the best Rutgers student. I bet everyone liked him.

He was charged with a boatload of crimes, not least of all attempted murder.

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