Sigma Alpha Epsilon At Clemson University Got Suspended For Holding A ‘Merry Cripmas’ Themed Party



As I’ve learned time and time again from playing hours on hours of Pokemon, there is a time and a place for everything:


Using an electric hair dryer while taking a bath? Wrong time and wrong place. Eating a cheeseburger in the middle of a vegan dinner party? Wrong time and wrong place. Having a “Merry Cripmas” party in the immediate aftermath of Ferguson while racial tensions are still high? Again, wrong time and wrong place.

Unfortunately for Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Clemson University they went ahead and did that last one, and no one took a step back and thought out loud “Wait…maybe this isn’t such a hot idea. It might be best if we wait a few months before throwing something like this. Or maybe we should just call it a ‘Gangster-themed’ party.”

Obviously, they are now suspended.

Via Gawker:

It’s not clear if the Cripmas party was a direct response to Ferguson protesters on campus, but according to posts on Yik Yak, racial tensions at the university are high. Students (perhaps the same frat bros who think it’s funny to dress up like gang members) have posted comments like”what are these tar babies doing on Bowman Field” and “go back to Africa!” in response to black student activism.
Student protesters told Clemson President Jim Clements on Sunday that he could not stay silent about racism on campus now, especially after Cripmas.



The only question I have about all of this is why there are people wearing red in these photos. If it’s a CRIPmas themed party then shouldn’t you not be wearing the colors of your rival gang? Fucking college kids. If you’re going to have a themed party you might as well stick to the theme, otherwise what’s the point?

[H/T Gawker]

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