These Two Frat Bros Have An SEC Dream Job: They’re The Handlers For University Of Tennessee Mascot ‘Smokey’

Are you ready for the best damn video of 2015? At first I was going to call this the ‘best dog video of 2015’ but after watching it a second time I’m now convinced this might be the BEST VIDEO of 2015. In it we’ve got two University of Tennessee bros, Jared Bruhin and John Edwards, who are brothers of Alpha Gamma Rho, the fraternity tasked with caring for ‘Smokey’ the UT mascot. Smokey is a Bluetick Coonhound (he barks and barks and barks), and he leads the University of Tennessee Football Team on the field before EVERY home game.

Looking after and caring for Smokey is EASILY the most coveted job on the University of Tennessee campus. Just think on this for a second: which job would get you more SEC trim? Being the University of Tennessee Dean of Students or being the Alpha Gamma Rho bro that looks after the school’s mascot and gets to run out on the field during every UT football game?

And as far as college jobs go I have to imagine that this looks as good on a resumé as anything you’ll ever find. The amount of work dedication it takes to own a dog is incredible, tack on the added responsibilities of having to attend non-stop campus functions where Smokey is the Guest of Honor and it actually becomes a full-time job…Not to mention keeping him guarded from rival schools trying to steal him.

I guess my only question is this: what would it take for me to go back to school, attend the University of Tennessee, rush Alpha Gamma Rho, and become a Smokey handler? Because this truly sounds like my dream job. If any of you know how I can go about doing this hit me up in the comments down below.