This Ex-Sorority Girl Throws Massive Shade At The Greek System

Alex Purdy might be brash, or she might be brave. Or she might be an articulate, thin-skinned bitch. Judge for yourself. Fact is, this little drama queen seems to really, like really, want to educate future sorority pledges.

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Future pledges that might fool themselves into thinking the beaten path down Greek Row isn’t paved over with tequila-soaked tears born of ‘sorry, bar’s closed bitchfights,’ broken bottles, flattened natty light cans, cigarette stubs, and grease-stained pizza boxes that contained slices of pepperoni ‘za that ended friendships, and started a fistfight are in for a rude awakening. It’s a modern-day moonshine-addled Wild West, but with Skol Vodka in place of moonshine. Thus is the general show at a lot of colleges at least.

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At one point Purdy stares down the camera and icily says, “It was appealing to hear that it’s full of women who encourage each other to be their best self, full of women who want to develop intellectually–full of loyal friends.”

Uh. In what universe are these kinds of standards consistently upheld amidst booze-ridden decision making, and the lifelong pursuit to stack the most social media heat. It’s a cold and superficial world Alex Purdy. Thanks to the steadily mounting buttload of over-financed sorority recruitment videos, this kind of ill-conceived notion is spreading faster than a brushfire case of clap along Greek Row sometime round Spring Break right after the VD-ridden Foam Party. For real, you could bring back the Bubonic Plague with that post-party manmilkfoam/doomwater.

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Though there’s a growing circle of people out there that seem to applaud her allegedly valiant effort.

Anyways, make of this what you will. But be sure to pause throughout to capture the latest case of impressive resting bitchface.