7 Sorority Chicks From The University Of Albany Arrested For Making Pledges Eat Garbage And Other Nasty Things

by 4 years ago

Seven chicks belonging to the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority at the University of Albany ended up in jail after a simple noise complaint devolved into police finding something far more sinister afoot.

During an off-campus party at the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority house, police responded to a noise complaint only to find four pledges being forced to eat trash, garbage, and other things. They were also covered in foul smelling liquids that the sisters of Alpha Omicron Pi had been dumping on them during the hazing session.

The seven sisters conducting the hazing and forcing the college girls to eat trash were all arrested and charged with ‘hazing’, which until now I didn’t actually know was a crime, I just thought it was extremely frowned upon in certain circles.

A spokesman for the Albany Police Department stated “Hazing is not only dangerous, it’s against the law,” so I guess it really is barred by law.

The women arrested were between the ages of 19-to-21 years old.

As for the hazing itself, my colleague Paul pointed out ‘what else is there to do in Albany?’ to which I stated there’s a fine Cheesecake Factory at the Crossgates Mall, but beyond that I cannot think of a single thing to do in Albany other than haze or be hazed.

[h/t CBS Local]

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