Hot New Class Being Added To College Curriculums Involves Women In Bikinis Trying To Stand Up Straight

by 4 years ago
The Stand Up Paddleboarder

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Since your not getting a job after graduation anyway, why not take some fun classes next semester? Not “Intro To Naked Painting” fun but close — it involves female students in bathing suits.

According to USA Today, the hot new class being added to every curriculum is stand-up paddle boarding. You thought it was something different, didn’t you? Ha! You’re dumb.

In 2012, 1.5 million people participated in stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), an activity that has since developed into one of the fastest growing water sports in the world. In order to meet student demand, colleges and universities across the country have capitalized on the growing interest of the stand-up paddle boarding.

Several colleges, including Rollins College and the College of Charleston, now offer for-credit stand-up paddle boarding. Tom Carroll, a senior instructor at the College of Charleston, has taught the stand-up paddle boarding summer course for four years and hopes the college will consider adding a fall session in 2016.

USA Today claims “the course remains popular with the students because it allows them to socialize while also exercising and learning new skills..” and blah blah shut up. It’s popular because it involves beaches, water and women in little clothing. If every college offered “Intro To Philosophy Taught” on a beach it would also be the most popular class across the country.

If your school doesn’t offer stand-up paddling boarding yet, I suggest starting a club and inviting only women. “Hello ladies, want to meet at the beach after class and try and master my giant board? If you can’t stay on long, I’ll let you use a giant wooden rod to balance.”

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