Naked College Dude Maybe On PCP Unleashes Howls Like A Dying Cheetah After Diving Into Garbage Truck, Getting Tased

This video is a bit tough to listen to. I mean, dude sounds like he got his face stuck in a bear trap.

It comes from the University of Georgia in Athens. Police there were called to reports of a naked man running through downtown streets.

After being spotted by an officer, the student, later identified as senior Benjamin Abele, dove into the back of a garbage truck. There’s were the video picks up, and things get really gross. Here’s The Smoking Gun on the back of the truck:

Upon reaching the truck, the cop spotted Abele “laying in the contents of the hopper which consisted of bags of garbage and about six inches deep of dirty foul liquid seeping from the bags.”

Abele … appeared unconcerned that he was basting in the vile juice, cops noted. The student had a “dazed look on his face and his eyes were completely dilated,” which, an investigator “immediately recognized…as a possible manifestation of PCP impairment.”

Abele tried to bury himself in the trash to avoid arrest. That … that didn’t not work. He then thrashed and punched at the officers as they tried to pull him from the back of the garbage truck.

An officer noted that there tasers had little effect on him, also a possible sign of PCP use.

He was arrested on charges of felony obstruction of a law enforcement officer and misdemeanor public indecency and released on $16,000 bond.

[H/T Total Frat Move]

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