Nearly Two Million Students Seek Financial Aid From Sugar Daddies And These Schools Have The Most 

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There are some women who secretly search for an older, established, rich dude to take care of them and there are some women who are just flat out open about the fact they want a sugar daddy. is in the business of hooking up gold diggers with willing sugar daddies. The people at SA have found that a good chunk of those women are actually in college. It makes sense, since college is when we’re all broke as hell. These women aren’t just looking for nice clothes and car. They’re actually looking for more long-term financial gain. They want their student loans paid off.

New estimates show the average debt of college students rose to $30,867 this year. While 17 percent of the estimated 2.8 million graduates will pass on this debt to their parents, some 1.9 million students are utilizing the world’s largest Sugar Daddy dating site as an alternative method of financial aid.

SA released their 2016 Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools and NYU made the top of the list this year. It’s got the most women looking for old rich dudes with over 200 women currently enrolled in the school signing up for the sugar daddy website.

Rank – School – Number of New Sign-ups
1. New York University – 225
2. Arizona State University – 189
3. University of Texas Austin – 163
4. Temple University – 155
5. Kent State University – 153
6. Texas State University -138
7. Georgia State University – 131
8. Florida International University – 129
9. Penn State University – 121
10. Virginia Commonwealth University – 120
11. University of Central Florida – 112
12. University of Houston – 104
13. University of South Florida – 95
14. University of Arizona – 84
15. University of Alabama – 82
16. University of Minnesota – 78
17. University of California, Berkeley – 67
18. University of Colorado, Boulder – 66
19. Columbia University – 66
20. University of Georgia – 64

“Some see this as a controversial solution. However, has helped facilitate hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of arrangements that have helped students graduate debt-free,” says Seeking Arrangements founder. “That’s more than anyone can say of a particular president or Congress.”

Sugar Daddies are getting girls out of debt and all they ask for in return is…no comment.

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