Which Colleges Have the Most Chicks Looking for a Sugar Daddy? Georgia State and NYU

Nearly three thousand U.S. college students went online in the search for a 'sugar daddy' to fund their education last year.

Georgia State University and New York University were the top two schools for female students to seek out men willing to fund their tuition, with Pennsylvania's Temple University following closely behind for third place.

According to the website SeekingArrangement.com, 2012 saw a 58 percent growth in female students signing up to be 'sugar babies,' which the site describes as 'attractive, intelligent, ambitious and goal oriented' women seeking 'financial pampering.'

I am so looking forward to being a rich, dirty old man. Money really is the great equalizer.

A 22-year-old Miami girl broke down the situation and it’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect.

She said her 'sugar daddy' pays for her tuition fees, books and everything else. In return he asks for sex.

SeekingArrangment.com, which launched in 2005, describes itself as, 'The Elite Sugar Daddy Dating Site for those Seeking Mutually Beneficial Relationships.'

It matches 'Sugar Daddies,' described as 'respectful and generous' men who 'want to date the best' and are 'brutally honest' about what they expect expect and what they offer, with 'Sugar Babies,' who are 'students, actresses, models or girls and guys next door.'

Mr Lee insists it is not a type of prostitution service, instead labeling it an escort service, with the terms of the relationship left up to the two consenting adult users and that all exchanges are closely monitored.

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