College Hockey Arena Introducing A ‘Taco Cannon’ And Can It Fire Right At My Mouth?

Taco Cannon


UPDATE: The Taco Cannon is real and fully operational


The University of Nebraska-Omaha is getting a new arena and the school is claiming the new digs will feature the world’s first “Taco Cannon.”

I call bullshit on this taco cannon being the “world’s first” because I believe such a weapon exists, at least for recreational purposes, but I’ll let University of Nebraska-Omaha have their moment. I’m aware of at least seven different “taco slingshots” in just the central New Jersey area and four of those are in my garage.

This is a brilliant move by the college to get students out to hockey games and to spot the students who smoke the most weed. They’ll be the students really taking their time getting to the unclaimed tacos on the floor. “They’ll be plenty of tacos, bro, the guy has an entire cannon full. Chill.”

[via USA Today]

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