Tennessee Tech Bro Gives The Greatest Speech Ever About Dildos

Public speaking can often be a required course at schools where some component of public speaking isn’t already rolled up within your major.

The teacher of these courses often presses you to find a topic that’s near and dear to your heart, something that you can speak eloquently on for nearly ten minutes. This bro did just that, when he stepped up in front of that class and casually shook a dildo back and forth for 9-minutes while extolling the virtues of dildos (and other sex toys).

At around 8:58 is when the professor starts speaking, a voice as smooth as molasses, and he begins to thank the class for sitting in front of him, and shielding his laughter. Then goes on to discuss how the presentation “by far, is the most novel that (he) has ever heard”…So there you have it bros, if and when you ever find yourself in need of a speech topic just look deep within, and find that fleshy dildo within your soul and break out 9-minutes of glorious speech on it.


And in closing today I’d like to quote a great man: “Respect the dildo, understand the dildo, and dilDO have a nice day.”


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