The Top 10 Colleges That Order the Most Late-Night Food


During my junior year at Penn State, I paid the bills by delivery gross, fatty sandwiches on Friday and Saturday nights. I’d work from 6pm to about 5am, driving around the greater State College area delivering chicken tender sandwiches slopped in ranch dressing and buffalo sauce to drunks and stoners ordered via their parents credit cards off of Lion Menus. It was a grueling shift and completely sucked not having a weekend social life that semester (my big day to go out became Wednesday), but the money was enough to pay the bills + chill in Europe for a couple weeks that summer. No regrets.

It’s pretty much a matter of fact that college kids like to devour delivery like hungry soldiers when they’re drunk. Getting late night delivery is easier than ever these days with Grub Hub and Seamless. GrubHub partnered with Spoon University to analyze data for which of its campuses have most orders placed 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. The top party school in the country, Syracuse, earned the top spot. Way to win again, ‘Cuse.

But I know for a fact this list is 100% bullshit. Not every school uses Grubhub for delivery. In fact, I’d argue that it’s mostly Northeast schools that do, with schools in the South, Mid-west, and West Coast using something completely different. Hell, food delivery cars are practically the only thing on the road from 10am – 2am in State College, which uses Lion Menus (which is powered by a company called “Order Up“) so this list is regional, self-selected bullshit. I’m sure many of you students and graduates of other schools not on this list agree.

Here’s the Top 10, via Huffington Post:

10. SUNY at Albany

9. Oswego State University

8. Le Moyne College

7. Tufts University

6. Cornell University

5. The Ohio State University

4. Ithaca College

3. University of Connecticut

2. Michigan State University

1. Syracuse University

I demand true objectivity in my lists of colleges that order the most late-night food, not PR grabs, Grub Hub.  You’re on notice.

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