UCF Biomedical Student Busted For Cooking And Selling Homemade Molly, Is Basically Walter White

A biomedical student at the University of Central Florida in Orlando has been arrested and charged with trafficking in 400 grams of Ecstasy, possession of LSD, psychedelic mushrooms and marijuana, and is suspected of manufacturing the drugs himself.

Looks like we might have a real-life Walter White (in college) situation on our hands down in the dirtiest city in Florida….Orlando. Yeah, I said it. Orlando’s just one massive strip of neon signs, chain restaurants, and amusement parks. It’s everything awful about Florida in one neon microcosm shining so bright you can see it from space.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Max Waters was a biomedical student at the University of Central Florida, until his chemistry work outside the classroom — making and selling party drugs — led to his arrest last week on a trafficking charge, an arrest affidavit says.

According to an arrest affidavit, a traffic stop led authorities to Waters, 21. Detectives pulled over a Mercedes Benz about 4 p.m. Oct. 8 on Curry Ford Road, because a front seat passenger wasn’t wearing a seat belt, the affidavit says.

Asked if there was anything illegal in the car, authorities say the driver replied he had Ecstasy in the glove box — 100 pills.

The police then let this driver on his way back to Waters, followed him, and pounced on the source:

Detectives searched Waters’ bedroom. According to the affidavit, they found a jar of marijuana, a bag with psychedelic mushrooms and a safe in his closet holding more than 400 grams of Ecstasy, as well as cannabis wax and LSD.

Investigators said they also found evidence Waters was making and selling the drug, including a grinder, a capsule-making machine, a scale, gloves, baggies and $40,330 in cash, the affidavit says.

Also discovered in the search: paperwork from Waters’ studies at UCF’s Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences — and a handwritten formula for making MDMA, the amphetamine popularly known as Ecstasy.

Waters was jailed on charges of trafficking in 400 grams of Ecstasy and possession of LSD, psychedelic mushrooms and marijuana, the affidavit says. Though his bail was set at more than $250,000, he has since bonded out.

To read the full account on the Orlando Sentinel you can do so by clicking HERE.

The best part about this story is the size of this dude’s balls. Everyone who’s ever taken a class in the field of Chemistry (and experimented with drugs) has made a joke about wanting to make whatever the drug du jour is themselves, this guy actually might have backed that up. He might have ditched the ‘wouldn’t it be cool if’ and possibly put his skills to use, and while drugs are awful and nobody should ever take them, it’s refreshing to see a villain in the media putting their knowledge to use.

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