This UCSD Math Professor Is The Cruelest Teacher In America And This Pic Is Proof

The ONLY time I got out of class in college was for Hurricane Katrina, so on the one hand I get where this professor might be coming from, but on the other hand I say ‘fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck this guy, he’s the cruelest teacher in America’.

The torrential rain and subsequent flooding that the state of California is getting pounded with right now is certainly NOTHING compared to Hurricane Katrina, but if the learning experience is being obstructed by the elements then I think that’s grounds for canceling class…This University of California San Diego (UCSD) math professor doesn’t agree:

If it’s not glaringly obvious from the picture above let me spell it out for you: the classroom is flooding from all the rain that’s dumping on Southern California. And at this moment I can only imagine that this professor’s thinking something along the lines of ‘The rains don’t dismiss you from class, I do.’ And that he’s finding sadistic pleasure standing the rain water that looks like he’s both pissed and shit himself and flooded the floor of his classroom…Seriously though, that water is nasty as fuck and there’s NO WAY that it’s healthy for him or anyone to be standing in it…But a little muddy water’s never killed anyone, right?

Also, it took an Act of God for FSU to cancel classes, and there was only one of those during my time in Tallahassee, the aforementioned Hurricane Katrina that completely destroyed the Gulf Coast of America, most notably New Orleans. So I get a professor and/or college not wanting to cancel class, but forcing a class to sit and take notes as the classroom is flooding? This seems like training for the Navy SEALs, not a collegiate math class. (h/t reddit)

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