The University of Washington Rioted to Celebrate the Seahawks’ Super Bowl Win

KiroTV reports that 3,000 students were on hand for the celebration. Cops managed to remove students from the scene relatively quickly, but crowds soon came back with more furniture to burn. 

“I heard it from my house. I heard people yelling and walked outside,” said Erika McAuliffe. She saw flames and students throwing couches being thrown in the pile.

Another student, Lily Tyger said, “I ran past the cops, and everything was on fire…just people taking pictures with the riot police.”


KiroTV also met up with a Seattle resident simply known as “Chris.” Chris, last name not known, is a man who can give a quote. Chris may have just been the hero of the Seahawks' celebration. 

Chris said, “We burned couches. Then they came and they left. We burned more couches. They came and then left.”

This cycle continued until well past 9 p.m. when police finally cleared the fire at 47th Street and 17th Avenue.

When asked why they were burning couches, Chris said, “It’s good for the environment, probably.”

He also said that many students used the phrase “YOLO”: you only live once.


A few more videos and images: