US Army Vet Bashed In The Face Twice At Ole Miss-LSU Game By Police, Video Of Incident Is Hard To Watch

At this past weekend’s Ole Miss-LSU game #22 Ole Miss took care of business on the field, beating the #15 ranked LSU Tigers 17-38, which moved the Ole Miss Rebels up six posts in yesterday’s AP Poll. That was on the field, what happened in the stands is a horrible stain on what was otherwise a great game.

The video you see below is going viral, and in it you can see police arresting and punching a man in the face twice and arresting him for seemingly doing nothing. This video is going viral via Facebook, and the caption accompanying the video claims that the man being attacked by police is a two time US Army National Guard veteran, that he was wrongfully assaulted and arrested, AND that he was not provided medical attention for the injuries sustained from the police attacks. Here’s the video (via UPROXX)

The accompanying caption reads as follows:

Holly Barnes:
My husband, a two time Veteran of the US Army National Guard, was wrongfully assaulted on campus during the Ole Miss vs LSU game by a POLICE OFFICER. He was hit twice in the face and then arrested. THEY DID NOT GIVE HIM MEDICAL ATTENTION. Four hours later once he posted bail, he asked his friends to take him to the ER. He was diagnosed with a concussion, fractures to his orbital wall and maxillary sinus and contusions to the tissues of his eyes. This all stemmed because the officers thought he did something that someone a few rows up did and blamed him and his friends. I’m disappointed in the University police department and the Oxford police department for letting this happen. YOU ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW. THIS IS NOT OK. Please help us get justice by calling out this police officer! I want his NAME AND BADGE! Please help me get this to the media by sharing. Thank you. Pictures posted in comments.

Here is the photo Holly Barnes shared (she’s the wife of the man who was attacked) and it appears to show some pretty gruesome injuries, ones that definitely require(d) medical attention, medical attention that was supposedly withheld:

As reported on UPROXX, the Ole Miss University Police released a statement and in that statement they claim the arresting officers were not members of the campus police force, instead they were members of a local precinct that’s hired to provide additional security on game days. In their statement the university provided a tip line phone number and email address for anyone with information related to this incident to come forward with anything at all that might aid in this investigation. That contact information is: 662-915-7234 or email us at

If you or someone you know witnessed this alleged police assault and can provide any information at all then we urge you to take action and contact the campus PD. For more on this developing story you can click on over to UPROXX by following that link above.

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