USC Bro Traveling Around Europe For the Summer in a Bathrobe

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As someone who once-upon-a-time studied abroad, I know it can be pretty obnoxious to follow a social media account of a college student studying abroad in Europe. There’s a lot of opportunistic “Hey look at where I AM!” gloating to your friends and loved ones back home while you’re posing next to the Colosseum or Great Wall of China. All the cultured smugness can get pretty nauseating after a while. It gets even worse when you come back from your journey of traveled enlightenment and force your “experiences”upon everyone in your friend circle.

That said, a USC Bro has come up with a pretty funny way of documenting his adventures abroad: By roaming around Europe in a bathrobe and posing next to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks while robin’ like Hugh Hefner. Appropriately, he’s calling himself @bathrobecrusader:

I am traveling Europe for the summer in style and have created a new Instagram, @bathrobecrusader. I am a student at the University of Southern California. For example, I will be in Tropez soon with a group of ballers (for lack of a better word), and will be getting tables at VIP Room and will walk in wearing my bathrobe. I have been doing this at clubs in different countries almost every night and at famous attractions almost every day.

I can’t wait to see the ridiculous pictures of this guy in the VIP Room in St. Tropez or sitting at the baccarat table in table in Monaco. Points if you get a bathrobe pics on some Russian Oligarch’s yacht.

You’re a James Bond for people who have no aspirations in life beyond obvious Internet fame whoring. We salute you for that, @bathrobecrusader.

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Buckingham Palace, London:

Trafalgar Square, London:

National Gallery, London:

“Coffee Shop”, Amsterdam:

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam:

Rjikes Museum, Amsterdam:

Rjikes Museum, Amsterdam:

The Louvre Museum, Paris:

Westminster, London:

Tuileries, Paris:

Mary Antoinette House, Versailles, France

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