The Average College GPA Of Millionaires In America Is 2.9, Here’s Why It’s So Low

The average college GPA of millionaires in America is a dismal 2.9. I think we can all agree that 2.9 is not a good GPA by any stretch of the imagination. So it might seem odd that the most financially successful segment of the population has a C+ average GPA.

Eric Barker, author of Barking up the Wrong Tree, sat down with Business Insider Video to discuss the root cause of this. What he found in his research for that book is that the people with highest GPA’s, the valedictorians, tend to be successful but not always millionaires. This is because they often go ‘into the system’ themselves and become teachers or administrators. These valedictorians were so successful within the system that they become a part of the system because they believe that the educational system works.

Conversely, millionaires with their measly 2.9 GPA’s are more gritty. The research found that these 2.9 GPA millionaires might not comply with the rigid educational rules so well, but over time they set goals and stick to those goals. Eric Barker also found that millionaires often tried to do things their own way by operating outside of the rules and system. This led to the lower GPA, but this behavior also led to financial success in life because in life the rules are not often clear whereas in school the rules are very clear…****ThE MoRe YoU kNoW****