‘Workaholics’ Awesomely Makes Fun of Toolbag Fraternity Bros

I meant to write about this yesterday, but I got distracted from the gazillion of other attention-worthy things online. This past week’s episode of Workaholics is worth mentioning, mainly because it was called “Brociopath” and perfectly skewered try-hard frat Bros who go out of their way to be tremendous toolbags. It’s a subject that hits close to hom here at BroBible.

Adam, Blake, and Ders develop quite the bro-crush on on Stan Halen, an amusing caricature of pop culture’s Bro stereotype. Stan rocks a puka shell, sells Oakleys, perfectly mixes the makeshift jungle juice, dedicates his Sundays to bar golf, and quotes “Wedding Crashers” ad nauseam.

Stan starts pledging Adam, Blake, and Ders when they become enchanted with his douchey-prowess of picking up chicks. The buttchugging/vodka tampon scene might go down as one of the Bro-iest, funniest scenes in Workaholics history:

Turns out Stan, however, is a complete poser and isn’t even in Zeta Beta Nu. When a bunch of GDI dwebs start to turn on his frat ponzi scheme, he melts like a robot who just got water thrown on his circuit breaker.

At the end of the day, “Brociopath” is worth a watch for all of those out there in Broland who can laugh at themselves and the amusing stereotypes being portrayed.

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