Yale Hosts Ridiculous Sex Workshop Where 9% Admit to Prostitution

From the Yale Daily News:

During a discussion Saturday afternoon with “sexologist” Jill McDevitt, who conducts workshops on sexual topics at college campuses across the country, roughly 40 [Yale] students had to reconsider their idea of “normal” in sex when asked to take anonymous surveys that yielded surprising results. Students often do not realize the difference between normative — being in the middle of the bell curve for certain behaviors — and normal, which is a judgment call, McDevitt said, adding that what is common is not necessarily good just as what is deviant is not necessarily bad.

On the survey, nine percent of attendees reported having accepted payment for sex in the past.

“People don’t think a college student at an Ivy League university would accept payment for sex but I’ve never had asked this question on a college campus and not had ‘yes’ answers,” McDevitt said. “That brings us back to the idea that you can’t have assumptions about people’s backgrounds.”


McDevitt—who I imagine looks like this—went on to share more results from the anonymous survey: 3 percent of the 55 attendees said they had engaged in bestiality, 12 percent said they had filmed their own pornos, 52 percent said they had engaged in consensual pain during intercourse, and 22 percent, interestingly, said they were virgins. I just hope they made some good connections.

This study drew a ton of attention yesterday thanks to Nathan Harden—a Yale grad and author of the book “Sex and God at Yale”—blogging about it at the College Fix. Harden has made a name for himself after presumably striking out a ton in New Haven, then getting a book contract to write a “shocking” expose on how his fellow undergrads had a lot of sex without him. His post yesterday continued more or less in that same vein, making it seem like nine percent of the entire student body had taken up hooking (headline: “NINE PERCENT OF YALE STUDENTS SURVEYED SAY THEY’VE ACCEPTED MONEY FOR SEX”), when it was just five people who voluntarily went to a sex workshiop admitting they'd been paid before to have sex. These are pretty open-minded people. I'm surprised the percentage of those doing weird stuff isn't higher.

Still, two Yale students did say they had hooked up with Lassie.

That's, uh…. So that's the Yale thing now, huh?

[H/T: Daily Mail]