A 10-Foot Python Thick As A Palm Tree Found Chilling Under The Hood Of A Blue Mustang Because Florida

python snake

pixabay / Steve001

The population of invasive pythons in Florida continues to grow every year both in size and numbers. Experts really have no actual clue how many of these invasive snakes there are in South Florida because their camouflage is so good they’re nearly impossible to find in the wild.

A record-setting 18-foot-9-inch Burmese Python was caught in Florida just three weeks ago, the largest ever captured by the state’s Python squad. That snake was captured just 35 miles west of Miami!

And now there’s this 10-footer that was captured and removed by Florida Fish and Wildlife (MyFWC). This 10-foot invasive snake is THICK and has probably been eating well recently based on the size of that belly. It was found under the hood of a blue Ford Mustang. I presume it slithered up there for warmth as we’ve seen the slightest of chill in the air (72 degrees this morning) in Florida this week.

MyFWC uploaded this footage of their team removing this massive snake and it’s wild for me to think that something like this could be chilling under the hood of my car anytime I walk out to my driveway here in Florida.

Here’s a still image of that same snake which they shared on Instagram:

As wild as seeing that 10-footer would be it wouldn’t compare in the slightest to this next snake. An estimated 20-foot Green Anaconda was spotted crossing the road in Brazil. This is an absolute unit.

According to reports, that Green Anaconda ‘was being pursued’ by a handful of other snakes which sounds like something out of most people’s worst nightmares.