Here’s 100 Different Ways To Flip Someone Off, And Some Of These Are Obnoxiously Clever

Flipping someone the middle finger is a universally recognized gesture. Sure, different cultures across the planet have varying methods of this expression, but you can still throw up the middle finger in any country on the planet and people will still know what you’re doing. It can be used as a ‘fuck you’ or you can be texting your bro a middle finger pic as an ‘f-you, wish you were here’. It’s not always a gesture used to express outrage, it’s just used that way most of the time.

As part of their ongoing ‘Keep it 100’ series, Cut Video threw together this compilation of 100 different ways to throw up the middle finger. I’m a traditionalist. If I’m flipping someone off it’s just a straight up middle finger, but I respect the creativity here. Some of these are comically clever, while there are a few that are straight up obnoxious. Still, I feel like I’ve learned something here today.