VIDEO: Massive 18-20ft Waves Hitting Lake Erie During Winter Storm Elliott

bomb cyclone winter conditions

iStockphoto / anharris

Winter Storm Elliott has intensified into a ‘bomb cyclone‘ that is bringing blizzard conditions and dangerously high winds to the Great Lakes and upstate New York.

Meteorologists are predicting Lake Erie will see 18 to 20-foot waves from Winter Storm Elliott and footage of the intense waves is already emerging on social media as conditions worsen.

Fox Weather predicted on Thursday that 20+ foot waves would be coming to Lake Erie from the bomb cyclone storm with 50-60 MPH wind gusts. This would mark the biggest waves on Lake Erie since Superstorm Sandy.

Fox Weather correspondent Max Gorden was front and center on Lake Erie’s shore to capture footage of massive waves crashing as conditions continued to deteriorate.

There are currently over 1 million Americans who have lost power due to Winter storm conditions and there are over 200 million Americans who are under warnings or advisories right now, according to the NYT. This has wreaked havoc on one of the busiest travel days of the year, the Friday before Christmas. Over 3,400 flights have been canceled on Friday alone due to weather.

The major airports hit by flight cancellations are Chicago, Buffalo, and Cleveland as the Great Lakes is bearing the burnt of Winter Storm Elliott’s destructive winds, dangerously low temperatures, and in many cases, snow.

Things have gotten so bad in Erie County, New York (Buffalo) that there is a travel ban in place:

Based on that report, the forecast is shifting from 18-20 foot waves to 14-18 foot waves but predictions are still ou there for 20+ foot waves across Lake Erie due to Winter Storm Elliott.

Be safe out there, everybody.