Jimmy Kimmel Had Parents Tell Their Kids They Ate All Of The Halloween Candy And It’s So, So Good

2017 Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Candy Prank

Jimmy Kimmel / YouTube

The Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Candy Prank is back. Jimmy might’ve been on vacation all week but he had his guest hosts (Channing Tatum, Dave Grohl, Jennifer Lawrence, and Shaq) ask viewers to send in clips.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween Candy YouTube Challenge has been going strong for several years and the premise has remained the same: parents tell their kids they’ve eaten all of the Halloween candy and they film as the kids all meltdown:

Jimmy’s Halloween Candy YouTube Challenge has actually gotten better year after year as the cameras on iPhones and other smartphones continue to prove. Early on, we’d see grainy footage of kids throwing tantrums after their parents told them they’d eaten all of the Halloween candy. These days, some of the footage is so crisp you can actually see the salt within the tears.

What’s interesting about this year’s Halloween candy prank is how it all played out within the world of Jimmy Kimmel. He took this week off of work so that he could spend quality time with his son. Instead of showing re-runs, Jimmy asked some celebrity friends to guest host the show for him. Channing Tatum was one of those guest hosts, and Pink was one of the guests. Unlike previous years where Jimmy would release only one video of the Halloween Candy YouTube Challenge, Jimmy filmed his own video telling his daughter that he ate all of the candy, and he got both Channing Tatum and Pink to do the same. So even though Jimmy wasn’t technically working this week he went above and beyond with the candy torture.

If you’re going to watch one of those three videos (Jimmy, Channing, or Pink) I’d suggest watching the Kimmel clip because his daughter handles it like a boss:

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