The 2016 Halloween Candy Challenge From Jimmy Kimmel Is His Best Yet — Kids LOSE IT And I Can’t Stop Laughing

This is now the sixth year that Jimmy Kimmel has taken to YouTube and asked people to send him clips of parents telling their children that they’d eaten all of the Halloween candy (the morning after Halloween). You’ve seen these clips before, everyone has, they’re amazing. The kids totally flip shit and meltdown as their entire universe has just been shattered.

When you’re a kid, Halloween seems like the FIRST GREAT holiday of the year because your year doesn’t run January -> December like the rest of the planet. Instead, your world revolves around when school starts and ends, and with school starting in August there aren’t many good holidays before Halloween. Sure, kids get the day off for Columbus Day but they don’t get presents. On Halloween, kids get candy unlike any other time of the year. It’s like Christmas but you can eat the presents, it’s fucking incredible. And then you’ve got the parents coming in with the news that all of that sweet, glorious candy has disappeared overnight. Earth shattering.

Jimmy Kimmel struck gold with this concept and it only gets better every year as more and more people send Jimmy clips. It’s just sad that the same concept hasn’t caught on yet for Christmas, with parents hiding all the presents and telling their kids that Santa Claus isn’t real and they didn’t get presents because they acted like little shits all year…Now THAT is a video concept that I would watch.