Aaron Paul Only Watched One ‘Breaking Bad’ Episode To Prepare For ‘El Camino’, Teases Flashback Scenes


Aaron Paul became so in tune with his three-time Emmy Award-winning role of Jesse Pinkman that in order to prepare to jump back into the character’s shoes for El Camino, he only had to watch one episode of Breaking Bad to throw himself back in the Pinkman mindset.

Speaking to TV GuidePaul revealed that as he was preparing to take on the career-defining role of Jesse Pinkman once more, he only had to watch one episode of the iconic AMC series because “everything else was in” his head.

“I know the story so well, I only had to re-watch one episode to try and understand where [Jesse] was at,” Paul said to TV Guide. “And it was actually the episode that happens around the first scene of this film, so I had to re-watch this episode to understand his mindset, but that was it. Everything else was in my head.”

While it’s a short quote from Paul, it actually says quite a lot.

First and foremost, it confirms the existence of flashback scenes in El Camino, as he states that the Breaking Bad episode he watched “happens around the first scene of this film”, which all but guarantees the appearance of Walter White.

Furthermore, in the past, Paul told fans that if they were going to watch one scene prior to watching El Camino, it should be his monologue from the Season 3 episode “One Minute.” So, if Paul was telling fans to revisit that particular moment, then there’s definitely a decent chance that’s only the episode he took in to prepare for the role:

Regardless of how you decide to mentally prepare for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, you certainly don’t have much time, as the highly-anticipated Jesse Pinkman sequel saga hits Netflix this Friday, October 11.


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