Trailer: Adam Devine’s New Travel Show ‘Bad Ideas’ Is The Content Equivalent Of ‘Hold My Beer’

Bad ideas and questionable decisions are a part of life. We’ve all had those moments where we throw caution to the wind against better judgement and say “yea, that was dumb…. but oh boy was it fun.” Sometimes life is a ballet with the edge, like squirting lighter fluid on a flame just to see how big of a fireball you can make while heating up the grill.

For example: A couple years ago, I found myself off-roading in a Toyota Tundra in the mountains outside Las Vegas. I misread a boulder in the middle of the trail, took the left tire a little too high and next thing I know, I’m on a 30 degree angle, waiting for gravity to topple the entire truck sideways. As a dipshit who didn’t really know what he was doing, it was certainly a bad idea. It required some quick maneuvering to get the truck off the rock, but hey – at least it didn’t end with it on its side.

I laughed it off, sure, but still barely slept that night – my nerves completely rattled.

Comedian Adam Devine spent the last year on the road filming a series of bad ideas. For example, exploring a plane filled with venomous snakes and swimming in a piranha-infested river with raw meat wrapped around his waist, all to mend a fence.

BAD IDEAS WITH ADAM DEVINE is Adam’s twisted take on an adventure series. In each episode, he and a famous actor or comedian will travel to a new location in search of adventures that are already inherently dangerous – only they’ll add their own extra special sauce to ensure they are truly terrible choices.

Entering a chili pepper eating contest with the most scorching peppers on earth… when you don’t like spicy food? Unwise. Visiting a haunted place… to purposely conjure a demon? Wouldn’t do it. Driving the narrow cliff trail aka The Death Road in South America… in an ice cream truck? No thanks. Yet for Adam and his friends, this ill-conceived way to experience the world is just their (bad) idea of travel. 

A little bit of Jackass, a little bit of Man Vs. Food. In a nutshell, the streaming content equivalent of a Hold My Beer moment. Guests joining him in these misadventures include his buddies from Workaholics – Anders Holm, Blake Anderson, and Rebel Wilson, along with “CJ” Lana Perry and Thomas Middleditch.

Catch it on Quibi and see if Adam Devine keeps all his appendages attached.

Drops on July 27.

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