Angry ‘Karen’ Just Discovered Adult Swim And A Promo Advocating ‘Witches Abusing Babies’ And Wants It Canceled

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Adult Swim / Cartoon Network

With so much more time on their hands, moms are finding more things to be angry about on TV, YouTube, and online.

An Oklahoma mom was probably having trouble sleeping after too many White Claws and Zoom chuckles with the PTO crew and casually flipped through late-night cable.

What Karen found absolutely SHOCKED her to the core.

First, to get a good idea of what we’re dealing with on a personal level, the profile for @soonergurl74 reads “wife, mom, follower of Christ, Christmas, storm chasing, college football, Boomer Sooner, XFL, speak LIFE and LOVE.”

From the jump, it’s obvious this Sooner Karen is going to go after something fun. She and set her sights on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, a block of programming airing for 18 years, and home to some of the greatest cartoons of all time.

She tweeted out a promo that airs on Adult Swim late-night, writing:

“Cartoon Network after hours. They throw it in your face. They hope you aren’t the kind of parents who monitors what you kids watch and do. They’re busy conditioning them. What do you see here? I see witches abusing babies. This is not ok. This is not funny.”


After her original tweet hit over 5K comments, Sooner Karen proclaimed victory and that the “darkness was exposed.”

She also told all her “new fans” to be patient, she’ll follow you as soon as Twitter allows her to follow the massive flood of new followers to her account.

As of this writing, Sooner Gurl’s follower account hit an astronomical number of followers – 1,952 to be exact. It’s interesting to note that Sooner Gurl finally hit that impressive number after being on Twitter for eleven years.

Naturally, Twitter was quick to pile on Sooner Gurl, explaining the entire point of Adult Swim is to air cartoons aimed at an older audience, something that should seem obvious considering it’s called ADULT SWIM and named after the time when kids are forced to get out of a pool so adults can have fun.

Even the creator of the video felt the need to join the conversation and apologize, for some reason.

I look forward to the tweets of outrage once Sooner Gurl takes a moment to watch the actual shows on Adult Swim.


Chris Illuminati is a 5-time published author and recovering a**hole who writes about running, parenting, and professional wrestling. Reach out to him on Instagram & Twitter.