These Airbnb Listings For A Bunch Of Famous TV Homes Aren’t Real, But They Are Spectacular

Airbnb Listing Prices Famous TV Homes

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Ever wanted to spend the night in Jerry Seinfeld’s one-bedroom apartment in New York across from Kramer and down the hall from Newman? Or maybe your dream vacation would be crash over at Danny Tanner’s four-bedroom home in San Francisco from Full House. Or perhaps you’re just looking for a little rest and relaxation so a stay at Blanche Devereaux’s sweet Florida digs while her and the rest of the Golden Girls are out of town.

Or not.

However, if you are curious what it would cost to stay at homes like these and other fictional places such as the Springfield home of Homer and the rest of the Simpsons clan, or the trendy apartment that Rachel and Monica share in NYC across from Chandler and Joey, then you’re in luck.

By comparing these fictional characters’ homes to actual comparable listings on rental sites like Airbnb, the folks over at Empire Today were able to come up with the price per night to stay in places like Roseanne and Joyce Byers’ houses while they’re away doing whatever it is they do when they’re not at home.

They even created some incredible Airbnb listings for these famous fictional homes, complete with all the important (and funny) details you need to make a proper and informed decision on which residence is best suited for your needs and desires.

Check ’em all out below. They’re are almost as entertaining as the shows themselves.

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