Crazy Brawl Breaks Out On Flight After Passengers Refuse To Wear Masks And Why Is That Guy Shirtless?

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An insane brawl broke out on a holiday trip from Amsterdam to Ibiza after two passengers refused to put masks on.

The altercation aboard the KLM Boeing 737 was caught on video and posted to Instagram and Twitter.

“Panic and violent brawl!,” @michighclub wrote in the caption. “Unruly English passenger on board KLM flight to Ibiza, he had been drinking Gregus vodka. They refused to wear facemasks. 2 arrests were made.”

The footage shows several passengers – some also not wearing face masks – confronting the shirtless, tattooed traveler, giving him a bloody nose, before restraining him on the floor.

KLM requires face masks to be worn on all flights and told local news that the passengers had been checked for masks upon boarding and flight attendants “issued reminders” during the flight.

It’s unclear whether the man took his shirt off during the brawl – a move I’ll never understand – or if the guy was shirtless prior to the altercation.

If the guy was shirtless before the incident, well, it was probably obvious to everyone aboard he was going to be trouble. Shirtless men in public are always trouble. No one ever says “that guy is half-naked in a Dairy Queen. I’m sure everything will be fine.”

The shirtless guy’s buddy also refused to wear a mask also was restrained and both men were arrested by Spanish police upon landing in Ibiza, according to the UK’s Independent.

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