Manchester United’s Alexis Sanchez Outed By Chilean TV Host For Going To Aggressive Lengths To Get Her In The Sack

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The average professional soccer player runs an average of 7 miles per game, the most in all of professional sports. With all that cardio exertion, one can only expect the players to be extra thirsty.

Oh they are, and the thirstiest of all may be Manchester United forward Alexis Sanchez.

A Chilean television host named Natalia Mandiola confirmed this after outing the 30-year-old Chilean for going to aggressive lengths in an attempt to make some sex with her after spotting her in a nightclub.

Mandiola told the Sun that he invited her to his mansion and “wanted to get with her” on their first meeting. I’m sure this is par for the course for Sanchez, who recently became tthe Premier League’s highest earner and plays for the sixth most valuable sports franchise on the planet.

Sanchez reportedly got Mandiola’s phone number from one of her friends in the club, and called her immediately and asked if they could “get together the next day.” She says Sanchez called and texted on two separate occasions.

Sanchez’s incessant forwardness was off-putting for Ms. Mandiola. She told the Sun:

“There was something I didn’t like and a side-stepped it: he invited me to his house. He was a stranger for me and I wasn’t going to go into his house.”

The 30-year-old soccer star then decided to kick it up a notch by employing a producer from TVN, Mandiola’s employer, to reach out on his behalf. His message was simply that “he wanted to get with” her.

Mandiola hard passed on Sanchez in favor of tabloid clout and the former Arsenal star never got his sex. Looks like he will have to settle for crying into his $50 million.

If you think Sanchez is going to learn his lesson from this very public debacle, let’s not forget his past. Back in 2014, Miss Chile 2013 Camila Andrade outed Sanchez for sending her romantic text messages while he was at Disney World with his then-girlfriend Laia Grassi. It blew up in his face.

Here is Andrade:

Here is Laia:

To add insult to injury, Laia Grassi reportedly dumped Sanchez because “he couldn’t stand the pace in bed.”



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