A Kayaker Got Ambushed By A Gator And Captured The Nightmare Encounter On His GoPro

swamp alligator

Pixabay / H. Hach

Peter Joyce was paddling the Waccamaw River in Southeastern North Carolina over the weekend when suddenly the swamp came to life and his kayak was ambushed by a powerful alligator that knocked him into the water and left him disoriented and probably fearful that the alligator was about to attack.

Fortunately for him, he paddled away unharmed with some awesome GoPro footage as proof. The alligator was also never seen from again after knocking the kayaker over and into the dark water that offers perfect natural camouflage for the large reptiles.

It’s wild how quickly everything happens in this clip. One second he’s just leisurely paddling along the peaceful river and in an instant, the alligator lurches out of nowhere and the entire world gets flipped upside down. He later told Wilmington’s WECT News that neither he nor his kayak were harmed in the incident.

Check it out:

The Waccamaw River runs 140-miles from Southeastern North Carolina on down into Eastern South Carolina and it is home to A LOT of alligators living in the cypress-gum swamp areas.

I sincerely doubt that was the only alligator that kayaker saw on his paddle down the river but an encounter like that changes how you look at the river forever. It’s not too dissimilar from being attacked by a shark while surfing. Suddenly, you’re keenly aware that there could always be something lurking in the dark and you’re just waiting for the swamp to spring alive again.