This ‘Always Sunny’ Deepfake With The Rock As Danny DeVito Is Disturbing

Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia deepfake video with Dwayne The Rock Johnson as Danny DeVito.


Deepfakes are already frighteningly convincing and they are only going to get better and better. We’ve seen Arnold Schwarzenegger in the coin flip scene in No Country for Old Men. And who could forget the mortifying deepfake video of Nick Offerman playing every single Full House character, yes even Kimmy Gibbler. Now comes The Rock as Danny DeVito. Is nothing sacred?

Deepfake extraordinaire Dr. Frankenstein created this tremendous deepfake video of Dwayne Johnson in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Dr. Frankenstein said he created the video in honor of the 20th anniversary of The Rock’s first WWE match. The Rock’s first WWE main event happened on January 4, 1999, during an episode of Raw Is War, where Mankind defeated The Rock after interference from Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The altered scene is from the IASIP episode “The Gang Gets Quarantined” where the Gang experiences a flu outbreak and everyone is attempting to prevent getting infected.

Previously, Dr. Frankenstein created a deepfake of Ron Swanson as Wednesday Addams as well as Mike Tyson as every character in Family Matters.