Amanda Bynes Placed On Psychiatric Hold After Being Found Roaming The Streets Naked

amanda bynes lax psychiatric hold naked street

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Just when everyone thought Amanda Bynes might have sorted things out and was back on track to a healthy and happy life, she has been placed on a psychiatric hold again.

According to TMZ, “Bynes was seen walking near downtown Los Angeles early Sunday morning without any clothes. We’re told Bynes waved a car down, telling the driver she was coming down from a psychotic episode. Amanda herself then called 911.”

After cops arrived on the scene, Bynes was taken to a local police station where it was determined that she needed to be placed on a 5150 psych hold.

The now 36-year-old former actress has been detained several times on involuntary 5150 psychiatric holds over the past decade.

Since 2013, Amanda Bynes has been arrested for DUI, reckless endangerment, set fire to a dog in a neighbor’s driveway, attended fashion school (then was reportedly kicked out, got back in, then graduated?), got engaged to a teenager, got a face tattoo, been accused of shoplifting, and got engaged again to a different guy then called off her engagement after just three weeks, released several rap songs, got her nine-year conservatorship lifted, and had police called to her house after accusing her fiancé of putting salmon under his mom’s bed.

After giving interviews to Paper magazine in 2018 and Good Morning America in 2017 it appeared she was on her way back to some semblance of normalcy.

A 5150 psychiatric hold usually lasts 72 hours, but can be extended if needed.

It’s been almost one year to the day, March 22, 2022, from when Amanda Bynes’ conservatorship ended.

Bynes was scheduled to make her first public appearance since the end of her conservatorship at ’90s Con this past weekend, but dropped out due to an undisclosed illness, reports the CT Insider.

She was going to be reunited with her co-stars Kel Mitchell, Danny Tamberelli and Lori Beth Denberg from the Nickelodeon show All That.

“I’m really excited to reunite with my cast mates and meet the fans at ’90s Con,” Bynes had told People.

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