Amazon Delivery Driver Casually Scares Off Bear Before Dropping Off A Package (Video)

Amazon delivery driver holding packages

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The United States Postal Service has historically taken pride in knowing “neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night” will stop its employees from doing their job, but they’re not the only people in that particular line of work who soldier through a fair amount of adversity on a regular basis.

By now, you’re probably aware being a delivery driver for Amazon isn’t the easiest job in the world thanks to a fairly brutal workload that essentially forces many of them to do their business in bottles in favor of bathroom breaks while combatting severe heat and other unenviable issues.

You could argue the well-documented pressures that come with dropping off packages for one of the biggest companies on the planet give members of the Amazon delivery workforce some extra incentive to ensure orders are delivered in a timely manner regardless of the hurdles they encounter over the course of a typical day.

That includes the police standoff one incredibly unfazed worker casually strolled through to complete a delivery earlier this year, but that’s far from the only threat he and his fellow employees have had to deal with.

On Thursday, Ring shared a pretty wild surveillance video captured by a camera outside of the home where an Amazon driver encountered a fairly unexpected threat in the form of the bear that was perched atop the gate he was trying to enter to drop off an order.

In the recording, the presumed homeowner brought the potential threat to the worker’s attention, saying, “Stop right now. There’s a bear right there. Back away!” before encouraging him to go back to his vehicle.

However, the man in question smartly followed the advice the National Parks Service has issued for people who end up in that position by calmly raising his arms to make himself appear bigger, which led to the bear scampering away before he successfully completed the task at hand.


This @Amazon delivery driver was confronted by a bear and he knew exactly what to do next. #bear #ringcam

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Props to him for not only keeping his cool but going on with his day like nothing happened.

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