Amber Heard Fires PR Team, Reportedly Over Onslaught Of ‘Bad Headlines’ (As If They Had Any Control)

Amber Heard Fires PR Team Reportedly Because Of The Bad Headlines

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  • Amber Heard has fired her PR team as she prepares to testify in her case vs. Johnny Depp.
  • Heard reportedly let them go because she was upset with all of the “bad headlines” being written about her.
  • Read more news about the Johnny Depp trial here.

The $100 million Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp court battle taking place in Fairfax, Virginia has been anything but pretty.

The two sides have tried to tear each other in equally horrible fashion.

As Howard Stern said last week about the trial, “It’s not going well for anybody. You sound like two battling children.”

As such, neither Amber Heard nor Johnny Depp are being portrayed very kindly by the media covering the case.

This is something that apparently will not stand on Amber Heard’s side as she has reportedly fired her PR team because “she doesn’t like bad headlines,” a source told the New York Post.

Have the headlines really been so bad. Let’s head to Google and have a look.

Yahoo!: “Johnny Depp’s bodyguard testifies Amber Heard punched, spit on actor in 2015 fight”

Standard: “Amber Heard shows signs of borderline personality disorder, psychologist says”

People: “Amber Heard Said Poop in Bed with Johnny Depp Was a ‘Horrible Practical Joke,’ Guard Testifies”

Not great.

She also, according to another source, is “frustrated with her story not being told effectively.” Or is it?

Amber Heard fired her PR team just as she is about to take the stand

Heard is expected to take the stand as soon as this Tuesday. Perhaps then she can turn things back in the direction she would like, though that seems doubtful.

A online petition to have Heard removed from the Aquaman sequel crossed two million signatures last week and this week has already jumped to over 3 million.

The Post does add that Heard’s new PR team, Shane Communications, has worked against Depp before when his former business managers sued him for $50 million. Depp ended up settling in that case in 2019, so… maybe?