New Study Reveals What Americans Fear The Most In 2017 And Clowns Should Be Way Higher On This List

by 1 year ago
Americans Top Fears Survey 2017


Since 2014, Chapman University has been doing an annual study of what Americans fear the most. This year they asked a random sample of 1,207 Americans what their level of fear is about 80 different topics ranging from crime, the government, the environment, disasters, personal anxieties, technology and more.

Somehow, clowns wasn’t number one on the list, thus making me question the entire validity of this study. But I digress.

In 2016, the top 10 list of fears looked like this…

1. Corrupt Government Officials
2. Terrorist Attack
3. Not having enough money for the future
4. Terrorism
5. Government restrictions on firearms and ammunition
6. People I love dying
7. Economic/financial collapse
8. Identity theft
9. People I love becoming seriously ill
10. The Affordable Health Care Act/Obamacare

Again, clowns are nowhere to be found. Makes no sense.

Anyway, as we fast forward to 2017, some new items have made the top 10, but number one? It’s still the same.

1. Corrupt Government Officials
2. American Healthcare Act/Trumpcare
3. Pollution of Oceans, Rivers and Lakes
4. Pollution of Drinking Water
5. Not having enough money for the future
6. High Medical Bills
7. The US will be involved in another World War
8. Global Warming & Climate Change
9. North Korea using weapons
10. Air Pollution