Giant Anaconda Snake Was So Fat After Swallowing A Large Animal That It Got Stuck In The Jungle

enormous anaconda snake brazil 16.5 feet so big its stuck

iStockphoto / 4uves

  • A giant green anaconda snake estimated at 16.5-feet long was filmed in the Brazilian jungle after it got stuck because it was so big from swallowing large prey whole
  • This is one of the largest snakes ever filmed and the snake’s stomach is so large from the prey inside that all it could do is float and couldn’t escape the area
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The term ‘big snake’ is relative. To a toddler, a two-foot-long corn snake would be massive. To an adult, a tiny rattlesnake could seem ‘big’ because (1) they’re terrifying to many people and (2) most people run when they hear the rattle and never get a good look at the snake to begin with.

Then there’s the Green Anaconda, one of the biggest and heaviest snake species on the entire planet. Everyone everywhere agrees the anaconda is one of the biggest snakes around. The green anaconda is the largest snake species no the planet by weight and the 2nd largest by length. They can regularly grow over 17 feet but there have been unsubstantiated claims of 30 to 40-foot-long snakes out there.

Recent footage of an anaconda has gone viral and you’ll soon see why. This snake swallowed unidentified prey that’s so big the snake’s belly is swollen to the point that it got stuck in the jungle. Even after the people in this video freed the snake its belly was floating on the surface because it was so engorged from whatever was in there (possibly capybara or a jaguar).

Check out this surreal footage of one of the largest snakes you’ll ever see (video + pic below):

I’m not 100% positive if this is the same anaconda as in the video but I’m pretty certain it is. The location tag of the Instagram post is the same as the location of the videoT. he actual bend in the river looks similar in most of the footage. And the snake is an absolute unit.

According to an initial report from Zenger News, the Environmental Military Police of Mundo Novo discovered the trapped anaconda and used a tool to free it from branches. Then, even after freeing it from the branches, the snake was hindered by the massive prey inside of its belly.

They estimated this green anaconda to be 16.5-feet in length which would make it a fully-grown adult but that certainly doesn’t mean it would stop growing there. It’s quite possible this snake could grow much larger, especially if its voracious appetite was strong enough to swallow animals so big it could barely move after eating. Just like how I grow every year after eating too much at Thanksgiving.

A few years ago, a SCUBA diver found a 23-foot anaconda while diving and the snake came up to lick the camera as if was a normal day.

I’m consistently in awe of how large the green anaconda can get. And since I mentioned above that the Green Anaconda is the largest snake in the world by weight and the 2nd largest by length, I should mention the Reticulated Python is the longest snake in the world. A 33-foot reticulated python was once measured. Just sit on that for a few minutes, a 33-foot-long snake.