Have You Ever Noticed All Of Andy’s Friends In ‘Toy Story’ Look Exactly Like Andy?


Look, there’s a very real chance this has been common knowledge for a quarter of a century, but I just learned about it over the weekend, and it blew my mind sufficiently enough that I figured it was worth sharing on this first Monday of the new year: did you ever notice that all of Andy’s friends in the original Toy Story have the same exact face?

Yup, because the animators of the original Pixar film hadn’t quite mastered human faces yet, all of Andy’s friends at his birthday party bear an identical resemblance to the owner of Woody and Buzz.

The making of Toy Story has achieved cult status in the years since, as the eventual final product is famously nothing like previous drafts of the screenplay:  for example, in an earlier script, Woody — who was a ventriloquist’s dummy — was the main villain of the film who abused the other toys until they rallied against him. There’s also the development of Buzz Lightyear, who originally began as a military action figure before being given a space theme and the name “Lunar Larry” and “Tempus from Morph” before the Lightyear moniker was ultimately settled on.

It’s remarkable to see just how far Pixar has come in the last 25 years, as their most recent stunning film, Soul (yet another shoo-in for Best Animated Film at this year’s Academy Awards), possesses the franchise’s most hyper-realistically beautiful animation yet.

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