Army Of Ants Infest Airplane On International Flight And Woman Tweets About The Chaos

United Airlines flight from Venice, Italy to Newark, New Jersey, had an invasion of biting ants according to Charlotte Burns, who tweeted out the attack.

iStockphoto / AlxeyPnferov

One woman found herself in the middle of an ant infestation at the worst possible time — at 35,000-feet in the air during an hours-long international flight. She shared the chaos on Twitter.

Charlotte Burns was traveling from Venice, Italy, to Newark, New Jersey, this week when the unthinkable happened. Apparently, an army of “large, fat ants” swarmed the plane’s cabin. Mind you, the United Airlines flight from Venice to Newark is nine hours and 30 minutes. NINE HOURS OF ANTS EVERYWHERE!

Burns tweeted about the motherf*cking ants on the motherf*cking plane.

I feel itchy.

The ant-mageddon has begun.

Someone definitely spilled a box of donuts on the plane, which as everyone knows, is how you get ants.

What is this? A plane for ants?

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Charlotte got bit by one of the angry ants on the transatlantic flight.

Once she returned home, Burns wasn’t taking any chances. She put her luggage in a Zapp bag, which kills bugs.

United Airlines issued a statement about the buggy flight. “We are concerned by the experience a customer reported on United flight 169 from Venice to Newark,” United Airline said in a statement. “We had been in contact with the crew during the flight, where they advised the ants were isolated from a customer’s bag in the overhead bin and was contained to a limited area of the cabin.”

“The airplane landed at Newark this afternoon and has been taken out of service for extermination,” United said. “We followed proper protocol by notifying customs, immigration, as well as agriculture of the issue.”

They’re probably someone’s emotional support ants.

Great, now someone is going to bring their emotional support anteater on their next flight to deal with the terror of having a plane full of ants.

Maybe we should all welcome our new insect overlords.