This Video Of ‘The Rock’ Getting CRUSHED Between Two Cars Is Truly As Russia As It Gets


  • The Russian version of ‘The Rock’ is as big, if not bigger than Dwayne Johnson.
  • Anzor Skala is a massive man who loves posting videos of himself getting crushed by cars.
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Absolutely wild stuff out of Chechen instagram this week.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Chechen, it is a is a constituent republic of Russia. It sits in the Southwestern most corner of Russia, right above Georgia and Azerbijan.

That is where you will find, Anzor Skala, better known as The Rock.

Or, in our case, the Russian version of The Rock.

It’s not entirely clear what Skala does, but he appears to be a full-time strongman. This is Skala, look at the sheer size of him:

From the looks of it, he might also be some sort of bodyguard who has close ties to Russia’s MMA circuit.

I don’t really know, because I don’t speak Russian and, no matter how hard I try, I simply cannot figure this man out. Nevertheless, he is huge.

Not only is he just a massive man, but he is unbelievably strong and seemingly indestructible.

He posted a video earlier this week that is truly hard to fathom and absolutely insane. In the video, Skala can be seen positioned between two cars that are facing one another.

When he gives the signal, both cards go pedal to the metal up to 250 horsepower with Skala in between. Both cars have their wheels turning to the point that smoke starts to fly up into the sky. Skala is gets crushed from both sides, literally. It’s insane.

Somehow, Skala walks away with only a couple of bruises. To make it even crazier, he’s done this before. Apparently, it’s just a thing he does.

Here are some of his other works:

What a beast.